Gaming Review 1/22


So lets get started with the Video Game portion, shall we?

Now, before you start asking a few obvious questions, let me throw some answers at you.

I do only (currently) own: Xbox 360, Computer, Nintendo, SNES, N64, Sega, Playstation 1 & 2, Smart Phone, PSP and Game Boy Advanced. Whenever we get some rich benefactor that will gladly pay for me to have all of the systems and play games to my heart’s content, this is what I work with. However, I am always interested in what other people think as well as different systems. I am hoping we can continue to expand our Admin base and give you wonderful reviews on all of the games you want to hear about, but for now you will just have to stick with what we have to work with.

Also I will be working on reviews from Demos that I play. Why, you ask? Same reason, as much as I wish I had all the money to buy all the games, it just doesn’t work like that. So I will review demos, full games, new games, old games, whatever strikes my fancy. I am more than happy to do a requested review if I have access to the game.

Now with that said lets get with the reviews:

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes~ I haven’t totally loved a Lego game since Star Wars. Now, mind you, I haven’t played them all but there’s something so awesome about the games that kept me playing them over and over again. This Demo I enjoyed a lot. I found the tutorial lacking a bit, but eventually got on my feet and made real progress. I’ve found that not having all of the characters is as frustrating as it should have been, the voice cameos were cute, written well and graphics… well, its a Lego game so it’s Lego graphics. I find it pretty awesome that Stan Lee is basically a superhero stalker in the game. You have to save in every level, though. I assume that may get annoying. I lit up with joy when his voice rang out ‘Excelsior’ when I collected enough coins during the level. Sadly, at the end it said it three more times back to back and my eye twitched a little. I don’t want our beloved word to wear out and lose its meaning and excitement and I think it will. Overall I had a blast and am probably going to purchase this game.

Contrast (Xbox Arcade)~  Now, this is a Demo I was excited to play. I think it’s an extremely interesting concept. The main character is a little girl and you are her imaginary friend. When you think you can’t go any further, you can turn into your shadow and move over the shadows cast against the wall, using them as bridges, elevators and the like. She is sneaking out to see her mother sing at the local night club against her wishes and you are going to help her. The scenery is beautiful, it looks like it’s set in Paris. There is a lot to love about this game. So imagine my surprise when I ended up NOT loving it. It was a perfect set up, however it didn’t knock me out of the park. Maybe it’s the script, I’m not sure, but I found myself disappointed at the end of the demo instead of wanting more. I won’t be purchasing this game.

Assassins Creed: Black Flag~ Let me begin by describing my utter horror at AC 3. I’ve loved the series from the start and was chomping at the bit to get my hands on 3 but when I did, I experienced every level of grief. I couldn’t even make myself finish the game and that is a feat unto itself! I Youtubed the ending so I would still know the story line and traded that bastard in for… I don’t even remember what. I think maybe a new headset. Anyway, you could imagine my apprehension at picking up AC 4. It was still too soon, I hadn’t yet finished picking up the slivers of my broken heart. After 30 mins, however, I was too busy cutting the hearts out of the Royal Navy to give a crap about being heartbroken! It is one of the most elegant things I’ve ever seen! I find the graphics stunning. I wish that Travel Speed on your ship was a screen saver for my Xbox, I could watch it all day. The storyline is so well done and the back and forth love/hate relationship I have with the main character keeps me on my toes. Proving (thankfully) a much more in-depth character, who isn’t naive and predictable. There is very little, if next to nothing, I don’t enjoy about this game. I do find the underwater missions daunting and sharks are annoying bastards. It’s an amazing buy and I look forward to the DLC content. The ending for this game is by far one of the most touching endings I’ve ever seen, I even watched all the way through the credits, just in case. If you haven’t bought it but are interested, you won’t be disappointed.

Xbox Live Gold Member Current Free Game: Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light

Board Game Review of the Week ~ Boss Monsters 

This is an awesome quick(ish) game to play with your friends and if you are in your 30’s, like I am, then you will love all the cheeky references! We pointed out ones from: Ghost N Goblins, The Princess Bride, Game of Thrones, The Last Samurai and Kid Icarus to name a few. You are a big bad monster and you have to build rooms in your den/lair and attract and kill as many heroes as possible to add their souls to your pool. The first one to ten wins. All of the cards are hilarious and the artwork is even better. I loved this purchase! 2-4 Players, Ages 13+, about 30 mins.

App Review of the Week ~ Plants VS Zombies 2

I am a HUGE PVZ fan. I’ve got the original game on every device I own: Comp/Xbox/Phone. I’ve got the offshoot games, I played the mini game in World of Warcraft, I have the ringtones, toys, etc. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see that PVZ2 was coming out. I was furious it took over 6 months for Droid users to get it after it came out for the iPhone. I started playing right away. I love Egypt, so I jumped right in. I never minded paying money for the original, I would have paid twice what I got it for ( I think I paid $5). However, I was not happy. $4 for upgrading seed slots? $3 to unlock the squash plant? In total, I count them wanting at least 35$ for upgrades and plants. That is a shit-ton of money for a game on my phone! That doesn’t include the money they want you to spend to get coins in game. I expected much more game and less greed. I am so disappointed in Popcap, and a little heart broken.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews for this week. Until next time 🙂

~Crymson Pleasure~


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