Injustice – Gods Among Us

Harley1200So, I finished the storyline for Injustice. I don’t think I will actually ever finish the whole game. I’ll give it a shot, but I’m not that awesome at fighting games.

Actually, I don’t like fighting games usually. I find the women scantily clad, the best moves to be impossible for me to get off and after a couple of fights I’m just plain bored with it. It’s the same thing over and over and over again.

Now, with all that being said, I haven’t been able to put Injustice down. Harley Quinn is my favorite character in the DC universe by far, hands down. If you met me, you’d get it. I really don’t agree with her outfit, however. Yes, she is sexy as hell, but really? It would simply make much more sense if it were closed in the front; then I’d actually be on board. It feels like a cheap attempt to see her panties. Every other character’s outfit seems pretty on point to how they normally look. Harley seemed to be the only one getting a major makeover. Now, her second outfit I find much more fitting for her personality.

Ok, so end that rant. Now, let’s talk about game play. Everything is beautiful. I love the scenery, the characters, the interactive background. It all made the game just as awesome as the characters themselves. I did keep pointing at the screen asking what the hell was going on in the background. I’ve never seen a more magical fighting game. It was hard to pay attention to actually fighting sometimes because I was too enthralled with trying to catch all of the details in the background. Not to mention constantly trying to interact with things, like hitting my opponent with a rocket. THEN! I would get knocked out of the scene, into someplace new. I loved it when this happened, however I didn’t love the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I was never the one doing this, so it was always my character falling down some cliff and being badly injured for it. Totally worth it.

The storyline for the whole game kept me going. It was well written, it made me happy and it made me sad. It made me love Harley all the more (you’ll see). It was something I could actually see happening and the rationale that goes with such intense feelings. I got it. I didn’t like what was happening, but I understood it, which is something I don’t always connect with in video games. My heart broke for Superman and even a little for Wonder Woman. If you don’t know why, I can’t explain it. I wouldn’t say there were a ton of twists and turns, but that isn’t what I expect from a fighting game. I surely didn’t expect a fighting game to have that intense of a flow.

Some of the moves were hard, but not all impossible. I love watching the special moves. I love the meter challenges also. I would pause a lot to read the moves real quick and keep going. However, I would only ever get a few down. My husband, who is much more skilled at fighting games than I am, had no problem getting the moves. Of course we blamed anything we couldn’t do on the controller. That’s how it’s done. There seemed to be a unique range of abilities. Even if you were long range, you still had some melee moves.

Best part, for me, besides Harley, was when I couldn’t beat a fight and had to start over. It got a little easier and, on each redo, would continue to get easier until I could beat that fight. For once, I could get through the story of it without being a pro at fighting games. I LOVE THAT! I know this feature must have irritated some of the more hardcore gamers, but I was happy I could actually enjoy the game without getting frustrated and having to ask someone to get me past or just giving up. I hope this is a mechanic that other games look at in the future. I mean, seriously, I dropped X amount of dollars on a game, I want to beat it, I want to see it, so why shouldn’t I? I’ve never felt more included!

I even made Vanri play. We played some VS matches. We had a blast looking like a bunch of idiots trying to figure our characters out. She used Catwoman the most and I stuck to my Harley. Even the VS was fun. I started playing some of the other modes, unlocking costumes, modes, music, pictures. The usual.

Overall, I loved it and I will continue to play it. I don’t think I will ever do online VS because I really am horrible at fighting games, but I can see me playing this over and over again.

~Crymson Pleasure~



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