My Hero Academia: An Anime Review

mha2 Who doesn’t want to be a hero, or at least to have a superpower to help you to achieve your goals? Would it solve all your problems or just give you a whole new set of them? How far would you go to get that kind of power and then to hold onto it? In a world where about 80 percent of the population has a quirk, or a power, how would these questions be explored? Well that is one part of the hit anime My Hero Academia

In 2005, the first book in the My Hero Academia manga hit the shelves. Kohei Horikoshi, the creator, is no stranger to manga or to striving to become your best. He has been gaining attention for his work for years, including short stories and a one shot in Shonen Jump. He created a world that readers gravitated toward. Clearly his hard work paid off because in 2016 his manga was given a new medium as an anime of the same title.

In a world where most of the population has some sort of quirk, or power, professional heroes walk the streets. Those with powerful enough quirks have been protecting others for generations. There are also villains and vigilantes on the scene. 

All that Izuku Midoriya has ever wanted is to be a great hero like the pro All Might. He wants to save people with an inspiring smile on his face. There is just one problem. Midoriya is quirkless. He has no power to become a pro with. That is until one day when a series of events sets into motion the chance for him to achieve his dream. First, though, he needs to be trained at one of the best schools for heroes.

The characters of this anime are wonderful. They are as complex as they are powerful. They are flawed and human while they strive to become what they think society needs. They all also have interesting designs for themselves and their hero egos. The music is catchy and helps to set the mood for different scenes. The art style is really interesting. Visually, My Hero Academia is just a treat to watch. 

I really love this anime. It balances dark and humorous scenes. The story about being a hero, or a villain, is such a fascinating concept and this show has a really interesting way of looking at it. My Hero Academia does not shy away from exploring tough questions, such as what really makes a person strong. What makes really makes a person a hero or a villain? 


I would highly recommend My Hero Academia. I really hope you will try this anime and go Plus Ultra!



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