SameYou: Be Someone’s Superhero 2021

Even the strongest person needs help from time to time. When this happens they need to be able to find the necessary resources. In order for these resources to be available those who provide them need help as well. These organizations need; funding, the sharing of information and just overall support.

Be Someone’s Superhero was started to do just that. The Real Women of Gaming staff would find an organization or cause we wanted to boost. Then we would band together to help, almost like a nerdy group of superheroes. By using the collective strengths of our staff and our friends we have been able to achieve all of those things. We have helped by not just raising funds, but also awareness. We have also been able to boost our friends’ businesses with raffle prizes and sponsors. It is always good time. The most important thing, though, is always the charity we are helping.

SameYou is a charity that not only works to increase awareness about brain injuries but also to help to provide resources to help those who are living with the effects of brain injuries. Even though it is estimated that 1 in 3 persons will suffer an Acquired Brain Injury. Unfortunately not all of these persons will get the care they need to help them recover. Rehabilitation is a key factor in the recovery process of an Acquired Brain Injury, it is also an expensive and difficult step. Without aid, not all can get the time in rehab. SameYou is ensuring that funding gets those living with the effects of brain injuries. They are also aiding research efforts to learn more about brain injuries.

Click these links to learn more about their partners and about the charity itself. 

Real Women of Gaming is proud to be working with SameYou this year. 

Join us on Saturday February 27th on our Twitch channel. We will have a great time streaming and giving away raffle prizes. Some of our staff will have incentives for your enjoyment. So make sure to hang out with us all day from 12:00pm-12:00am. The event will end with staff gaming together, which is always hilarious to watch! If you want to help us reach our goals you can donate via Titfiy

We are so excited to get to have fun with you and help SameYou with its mission! 



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