Witch Hunter Robin: An Anime Review

Have you ever wanted to revisit the early 2000s? Specifically the occult, goth side of the early 2000s? If so, then do I have an anime for you. 

Witch Hunter Robin is a truly interesting concept for an anime. It took the early 2000s love of darker themes and created a whole storyline for those anime fans. The cast boasts some big name talent in the industry including Akeno Watanbe. Witch Hunter Robin had one season that ran in 2002. While it is regrettable that there was only one, it does not make the season any less compelling. 

Young Robin is the newest trainee for a special organization. In a world where witches are very real there are many threats for persons without powers. The STNJ is a task force that was created to track, hunt and capture witches before people get hurt. In order to help combat supernatural powers that they do not have, the force is armed with a special liquid to help dampen the witch’s power. However, Robin doesn’t need that. She has a power all her own and she will use it to help her new coworkers. 

However, the rules are different in the STNJ. Robin will have to be careful. If she wants to help –to save people– she has a lot to learn and not a lot of time to learn it. 

Witch Hunter Robin also has a really interesting art style used for the animation. It has a slightly more realistic edge to it. The show is, overall, beautifully animated. The characters are interesting. The storyline gets a little rushed but it is still fun. 

It does bring a wave of nostalgia when viewing. The theme song is high on my list of anime themes. I wish that it had gotten more than one season; I think the few awkward bits of the story would have smoothed out with more time. Overall it is a nice, bingeable anime with a decent plot. The premise of Witch Hunter Robin is also interesting. I’d love to see what would happen if they were to take it and try again now. 

I recommend Witch Hunter Robin for fans of the supernatural. 



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