The Secret World of Arrietty: An Anime Review

Have you ever wondered where your lost things go? Is there really a monster or creature in the dryer that eats your socks? Maybe you did just misplace that thing, even if you are SURE you know where you put it. Or perhaps it was none of those options. Maybe it was the little people who live in your house with you. Perhaps they just needed to borrow. 

The Borrowers by Mary Norton is a book that was released in 1952. It has become so popular that it has had many releases since. The story was so well received that it caught not only the attention of Studio Ghibli but also of Disney. Yes, that Disney. In 2010 a wonderful collaboration between these studios brought us a beloved anime called The Secret World of Arrietty

Arrietty is about to turn fourteen. Like all of those on the cusp of such an age she is eager to prove herself and take the next steps toward adulthood. The next step for Arrietty is a little different though. She and her family are Borrowers. They are small people who live inside human beans homes and go out at night to “borrow” what they need to survive. They have to face the dangers of a big world such as prowling cats. They also cannot be seen by a “bean” since that leads to having to flee what will certainly be doom. 

The Secret World of Arrietty is a gorgeous film to watch. Like the majority of what comes out of Studio Ghibli there is a lot of care that was put into the movie. All of that work shows. The movement and warmth in the animation is just, well I don’t have real words for how much I love it. There is just a feeling that comes from watching a movie from that studio. It is like going home.

The characters are really interesting. The art is great. The soundtrack works perfectly with the story. Really, this film is just a total package of what I want in a movie from Studio Ghibli. The story itself is really fantastic as well. 

I highly recommend this movie for anyone. It is great for families. It was wonderful to watch alone as an adult. 

Go watch it and enjoy!



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