Haikyuu!!: An Anime Review

Many stories in anime focus on a protagonist with a dream: a goal that seems almost unattainable without their hard work and plucky attitude. They have allies. They have those who will try to hinder them. It is a common set of elements in storytelling. What makes a story really good are the extra parts of the story that are added. Something that makes the story unexpected and fresh. 

The manga version of Haikyū!! was released in 2012. It is highly rated and recommended by manga fans. The creator is Haruichi Furudate who is also a very talented manga artist. Manga readers immediately gravitated to this story of a high schooler who could be any of them. The characters and their determination are elements that have drawn fans to this story since the start. It has since been adapted into an anime for television and streaming viewing. The anime series premiered in 2014. 

Hinata Shouyou is a short middle schooler at the start of the series. He wants to play volleyball but the odds seem stacked against him. His school has no male volleyball team until he recruits some friends to help, so practicing is difficult. Then, there is his short stature. But Hinata is determined. Upon entering high school he applies for the Volleyball club. Is this the shot that Hinata has been working toward?

The animation for the volleyball scenes is done well. I like how they show movement when characters are playing or training. It is also clear that the animators have put a lot of time and energy into expressions for the characters. The music is also great. The concept for the anime is interesting. 

This anime is a huge favorite amongst anime fans. They are drawn to the characters, particularly a young, male hero who wants to be the best volleyball player he can be. There are no powers. Just a group of kids striving for excellence. This is a great choice for fans who enjoy slice-of-life anime. It does still have enough action in it to be exciting. 

I recommend Haikyū!! for those who want an anime about just regular kids. It can be a little slow at times. The story is okay. I admire the work put into it and I felt for the characters. This anime is highly loved by many fans so yes I would say to give it a shot. 



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