My Hero Academia: Two Heroes: An Anime Review

Most projects need a strong team in order to succeed. A business venture, for example, or a presentation for a grade. Perhaps even an island full of scientists who make tech for heroes in a super powered society? Well, that is the reality for My Hero Academia

In a world where 80 percent of the world’s population has some sort of quirk, or superpower, it is not surprising that “hero” is a sought after occupation. However, even heroes need help. One such source of help are scientifically minded individuals who can give them support. Support in the way of new costumes. In terms of vehicles. Some even fulfill this need by way of weapons and gadgets. In My Hero Academia: Two Heroes there is a very special place run by one such scientist who has devoted his life toward bettering the world. Dave has made a home and even a school for those who want to save the world with tech.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero. After a chance encounter with his favorite hero he begins his journey. Izuku is ecstatic to accompany his mentor to Dave’s expo. While this trip seems like a dream come true, he will get to meet great scientists and All Might’s oldest friend, it is inevitable that things take a sinister turn. Villains threaten not only everything the expo stands for but all the work that has been done there. It is up to Izuku and his classmates to save the day, before it is too late. 

This movie is just so smart. It took the characters that fans loved from the series and put them in a totally different setting. By taking these characters not only out of school, but out of the country, we get to see them really rise to new challenges. It was also a unique opportunity for fans to get to know All Might. Up until this point we learn about All Might through Izuku’s eyes. This movie gives us an opportunity to see him in flashbacks and in the narrative of other characters. 

The art style is on par with the show. We do get to see some really great new gadgets. The music and the characters are already beloved by most fans. It was a gamble to place the movie where it is in the timeline of the series. It paid off. All of the risks taken with setting, characters, and placement of the story just made for a great movie.

I highly recommend this movie. I would suggest watching the show, at least up to this point in the series, though, because it will give the viewer not only the foundation for the story but stakes in it. 

It is a classic My Hero Academia story. It has everything that makes the show great. Heart, a good story, loveable and flawed characters. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes also has great humor and pacing. In my humble opinion I think fans will love it.



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