Top 10 Zombie Games

Dead Island

You are hanging at a resort on some Caribbean island when a zombie outbreak happens. You gather together with other survivors and fight to, well, survive. You have all manner of weapons as you travel all over the island.

So Dead Island sits at 10 for a very specific reason. All the characters are just hardcore stereotypes and it irritates me. The characters you are playing have few redeeming qualities. Maybe this was done on purpose, maybe not. However, if I don’t like the character I’m playing it’s hard to keep going.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The first of the many Telltale games featuring making your own decisions. We follow a man and the child he saved as they navigate the apocalypse.

I played through the first one and fully enjoyed it. Sad there were no different endings besides the sad one you deal with but it was fun nonetheless.

World War Z

World War Z

Taking on many different characters, you go through several different stories happening all over the world. 

This game satisfies a big Left 4 Dead itch that I get when I want something newer to play. However, my problem is there feels to be less content than there should be. I think I’d love this more if there were more stories. There is one story that I haven’t played but more content more often would have put this higher on my list.

Plants vs Zombies

You are the owner of a house when zombies decide to start attacking your yard. You weaponize the flowers you have and beat back the zombie forces, day, night, in your pull, during heavy fog. You will be victorious. 

This is the first mobile game that I was obsessed with. I played it on my computer and beat it multiple times. It was unique, interesting and so much fun. I had all the gardens, did all the challenges, and beat it over and over. I’m tempted to download this right now and play it again. I do not want to talk about any other PvZ games. 


Most people have completely forgotten that Fortnite has an actual game that isn’t a battle royale. It also has a PVE (player vs enemy) game where you defend things from an onslaught of weird zoms and their superpowers. 

I have had so much fun playing this with my husband and friends. We did all the events, tried for the special events, and protected each other’s bases. This isn’t a game I’ve beaten but put a ton of hours into it and would definitely load it up again to destroy the cartoon hoards. 

Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy

It’s World War 2 and you are a part of special forces trying to stop Hitler from raising the dead? The dead soldiers are rising up and they have a bone to pick with you. Pun intended.

I loved this game way more than I originally thought I would. You pick a character that has a special setup that you choose and start shooting. This is 100% a military game with the living dead but unlike the Call of Duty games, the undead is the full game. You can set up traps, bombs, snipe, throw grenades, and more. You and three friends can tear it up and put a stop to Hitler for good. 

State of Decay 2

An infection has spread and you need to find shelter, build a base and try to help those around you. Keep your people fed, armed and healthy because it gets brutal. 

I didn’t play State of Decay because I instantly wanted to play this game with friends so I dove into the sequel as soon as it came out. The multiplayer is wonky at times and leaves us a bit frustrated. This game combines so many things I love, multiplayer, the walking dead, and building. Of course, I will actively yell at the game when I see places in our base that could be used if only I were allowed to clean it up, but hey, nothing is perfect. It’s a fun game, I enjoy playing it with others, running over the walking dead is amazing. 

Killing Floor 2

You are a bounty hunter? Well, a business person with a gift for killing zeds, and in this game-show-like scenario, you can do just that for some cash. Use that cash to buy armor, ammo, or better guns. Like a flame thrower.

This game is fantastic. The characters are interesting, the soundtrack is killer, the zeds are bizarre and it’s a unique take. I love having my badass killing zed and taking money for it. At the end of all the waves, you have a dealer’s choice of which boss you get to deal with. I think I’ve killed them all at least once but I don’t remember. I am hoping for a third installment. 

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

By far one of my favorites. You are trying to survive post some apocalyptic event in a barren area, where I assume all the other survivors turned or fled, leaving you and some friends (if you choose). The undead comes in all shapes and sizes to tear you down and eat your flesh. 

Despite the fact that the game is still in Alpha and probably always will be, this game is hard to quit. I will play this until I get bored and come back to it months later. Ok, that’s a lie. I will put it away for a week or so then jump back into it. This has become a beloved game for me and several of my friends. We all have things we love to do. I love farming and building defenses, Vinni loves digging, Wicked is the Queen of Interior design and mechanics, Meket is a master looter and problem solver. 

You can build, kill, survive, cook, make traps and so much more. The game is full of so much that it’s hard to explain but it’s been a ton of fun for us. If you love the infected and survival, check this out.

Left 4 Dead

By far my most favorite. I doubt I’ve put the hours into any other game that I put into Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2. You are one of four survivors who are just trying to make it. With weapons, health packs, a few pipe bombs, and moxie you are determined to survive or die trying.

You and three of your friends ( or AI) get to run around in this hell ride. There are several different stories to play through with several different chapters. You start with your characters talking about a location to get to and all you have to do is survive. Well, not really, you can die, and you can be found during travels, but if you die in the end fight then that’s it, game over for you.

I originally played this on the Xbox 360 with friends and we dumped hours into it and now years later on PC, I continue to dump hours into a game I know very well. I try to play through it at least once a year on stream. All of it just makes me even more anxious to get my hands on Back 4 Blood and see what the spiritual successor has to offer this huge fan.

Left 4 Dead

Any games I missed that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

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