Interview with Noire: LGBTQIA Creator Spotlight

Creating games is an amazing thing and we don’t give Game Master’s nearly enough credit. There is a lot of hard work that goes into creating the worlds that gamers enjoy playing in. To put that passion into the game is truly an inspiring thing. This month Noire took some time to let us interview them. They have been gaming with different systems for a while and even ran a one shot for us while Malhaven was on a hiatus. 

What got you into gaming? I got into gaming by mistake. I had gotten a lunch detention and the ‘punishment’ was having to play a short one shot in 2e (Dungeons and Dragons) and I fell in love. 

What is your favorite game to play? I can’t choose between 5e and V5. Both are my favorites for many different reasons.

Noire created this graphis for our very own Vanri The Rogue!

You create amazing graphics for TTRPG players. How did you get started making them?  I got started with my graphics work over a bet I lost. I had to make a character card for a friend and they loved it and commissioned business cards and it took off from there.

What is your inspiration when you are making graphics for TTRPG players? My inspiration is the character that they give me. Their likes, their dislikes, favorite colors, anything really. Whatever stands out and works with the graphic of their character.

Can you tell us a little bit about the game that you helped create last year? I worked with Adriarc Studios on a project called Istacia: Fate and Beginnings. It is currently being rewritten and redone after a creative discussion between writers and artists.

What was your favorite part about making a game? My favorite part of making the game was the learning curve, the process we had to meet and change for ourselves. Most of us, if not all of us, came in as self-taught novices and are still learning. Unreal isn’t hard but it’s frustrating more than anything.

You also have been a Game Master for us here at Real Women of Gaming. You ran a great one shot for Vampire the Masquerade. How long have you been playing that game? I have been playing Vampire the Masquerade for about 2 years now. 

What is your favorite class to play? My favorite classes to play for 5e are Warlock and Bard. They’re so fun to combo.

Do you think that your being a part of the LGBTQA+ community has drawn you to gaming and creating? I would say being part of the LGBTQA+ community has drawn me in a direction I never saw myself going: using art and gaming as advocating. It’s taught me so much and I hope I can learn more.

What advice do you have for those who are just starting to game? Don’t let anyone tell you how to play your character or ruin your fun. Mechanics are a guide not the law.

Do you have any projects coming out? Sadly I don’t have anything new at the moment. I’m working on the same project at this moment, Orlando by Night, a Vampire the Masquerade supplement that I was working on at the same time as Istacia.

Where can we find you online? I have a lot of social media.

Twitter: Jaiden Brown, but I also have several role play characters: 

 Noire Labyrinth
Jorge Anderson
Baron Emily Smith
Stella McNeil 

Thank you so much to our friend, Noire, for taking time to let us interview them. They are on a path to create so much in the gaming community.



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