Meet KinkedNitemare

Meet the amazing people who make up Real Women of Gaming

So where does your Gamertag/Alias come from?
Well I’d like to think it was an elaborate thing, but it really isn’t, I used to go by Sweet_nitemare, but when I got my first xbox 360 that name was taken. So xbox recommended KinkedNitemare and really in the end that fit me even better. So that is what I have been ever since. 

What was the first game you were passionate about?
Well that all depends, when I was young it was Mario, When I got my first personal console Gears, Halo, and Borderlands.

What was your first console?
First family console was an Atari. First one I owned personally was the Xbox 360.

What is/are the game(s) that got you into gaming?
Mario, Donkey Kong country, Need for speed

When & Why did you fall in love with gaming?
I have loved gaming since I was around 4-5 years old. My dad brought in the Atari and it was all downhill from there. The excitement of playing a new game or finishing a game you’ve been working on keeps things interesting for me even now and frankly just like reading books or watching a movie it is a different way to experience things you might not experience otherwise. 

If you had a superpower, which would it be? 
I would think maybe having a healing ability would be nice. Help those around me and maybe keep myself alive as well. 

What is an interest of yours outside of gaming?

What is something you love that not everyone knows?
I love Westerns. Something about people dressed up as cowboys will always get my attention.

What’s a video/tabletop game that you would recommend to people who don’t play video/tabletop games?
This is not an easy question. If they don’t play they need something more introductory then a game I just find great. I would say if they are into something more mysterious and atmospheric Gone Home would be a good starting place. 

You are stuck in a board game/video game/ttrpg. Which is it and why?
I can’t say I’ve ever desired to be in any of the worlds I play in personally…the amount of destruction in most of the games I play doesn’t make it seem like a great time, but cast wise I would have to say the borderlands world is probably one of the most entertaining so I wouldn’t mind hanging out with the characters. 

Who/What inspires you?
I think at the moment the people who inspire me the most are those fighting for marginalized groups. There’s a pretty long list, but in the end there can never be enough and the more voices speaking up the more hope there can be for change. 

Where can we find you outside of RWoG?
You can find me under KinkedNitemare on Twitch, Twitter, TikTok and on Facebook.


Published by Crymson Pleasure

I am a Mom, Wife, Mental Health Advocate, Gamer, and Variety Streamer. I hate talking about myself but that is what this is here for so, let’s chat. I started Real Women of Gaming as a Facebook page and watched it grow over the years. Every year I am more proud of the work we do and the people I am surrounded by. These are amazing people that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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