RWoG’s New Year’s Gaming Resolutions!

Gaming Resolutions 2016

Every year, most of us create a list of New Year’s Resolutions. This year, we decided to compile each of the RWoG Admins’ gaming resolutions in a list for you guys. Check below to see what each of us want this year!

And let us know your 2016 Gaming Resolutions in the comments below!

I am really excited to dive head first into some Let’s Plays. I have been obsessively searching through Steam for games I’m even mildly interested in, since they have constant sales! I’ve found some games I would never consider trying before that I’m nervous, but eager, to try! I also want this to be the year of the finished game. I have so many games that I’ve put on the back burner and I want to finish them. This year I have to make time. ~Crymson Pleasure~

In 2016, I have a lot of gaming resolutions! First, I plan to continue with Wanna Don’t Wanna for as long as I possibly can. Second, I plan to film as many YouTube Let’s Plays as possible. Third, it is my goal to max out 2 World of Warcraft toons without boosting. And finally (most importantly), I want to have more quality time playing multiplayer games with my friends this year. All of these goals are realistic, don’t you think? I’ve got this. Happy New Year! -Vanri the Rogue

This year, I want to let myself have more fun while playing games. Last year, I wanted to challenge myself more with gaming. I have been doing that with our Gaming Against Sobriety and World of Darkness streaming. I get really nervous before we stream. I want to have more fun with our gaming this year. Enjoy the game and worry less about being perfect. Your beloved Bard wants more fun gaming for 2016! -Thia the Bard

In 2016, I plan on starting my very own cast called, Not Just T ‘n’ A. I’ll play female lead games and hopefully get to discuss how inclusive and evolved the characters are.
I also hope to play more games for my enjoyment and perhaps cast just for fun.
Other then that, just be as active as I can be in RWoG! -KinkedNitemare-

Once I start a new game, I always feel compelled to finish, even if I don’t actually want to and I’d rather pick up something new. I just always feel guilty abandoning a game half way through, even if I plan on coming back to it later. This year, I am going to play whatever I want, whenever. I have so many unplayed games in my library that I really want to get to, so it makes no sense to dredge through a game until completion when I could have more fun playing more games. -Avenue

Hoping to find a game that will rebuild the FPS clan I am in, and get more retro games into my budding collection. I want to keep putting out gaming content for all the sites I write for and contribute to the fun I’ve been having as part of Real Women of Gaming. -Trever Bierschbach


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Hey guys! I'm Vanri. Vanri the Rogue. I enjoy all types of games. I grew up with NES, SNES, N64, Playstation and a Virtual Boy in my house. I love RPGs mainly, but I will always be up for trying new games. My favorites include the Fable series, Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Betrayal at House on the Hill and so many more.

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